JUNE 2022: The Research Foundation of the Cerebral Palsy Alliance awards grant to a multi-discipline team from the University of Sydney to study the MODEL ONE

Aims and purpose of the proposed research

  • To prove, through comparative measurement and evaluation, that the novel transfer system can safely transfer a range of populations with considerably reduced musculoskeletal effort required of a single caregiver compared to existing hoist solutions.
  • Using qualitative methods such as nominal group techniques, assess the relative preferences of a representative range of ‘real-life’ users and support persons ranking safety, required amounts of support, comfort, convenience etc, and identifying which aspects of the novel system need further development.
  • Consider specific seating and postural needs for people with CP, to be incorporated into the support mattresses, to increase comfort, stability and manage skin integrity etc. during transfer.
  • Consider the possible changes to workflow and opportunities to improve the efficiency of some aspects of daily routines, in various environments, made possible by this new transfer system.
  • Assess the potential financial and non-financial benefits to health systems, care facilities and family units through the introduction of this new transfer system.

The innovation in the research is the detailed clinical assessment of, and user input to the design improvement of a novel transfer device that will positively disrupt current practise. Through detailed research outputs, including the study of areas where immediate financial and non-financial benefits have been identified, the research will provide guidelines for immediate uptake of the system and the basis for future research into the technology.

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